07 Oct
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Jar & BeeClick on the link below to watch the Video:

Culinary Road Trips

“Portland Monthly’s Eden Dawn and Alex Huebsch embark on an edible adventure and stop at some of the best foodie destinations in Oregon.”

Eden and Alex’s road trip takes in Multnomah Falls and Hood River where they learn hops at at Double Mountain Brewery and Taproom. Their day ends at Sakura Ridge Farm and Lodge where they harvest honey, make dinner fresh from the farm, herd sheep at dusk and hunker down for a quiet night’s sleep.

SAKURA SUNDAY – time to relax with a good book and do some arm chair farming.

08 Jun
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Rainy Days Ahead

08 Nov
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For another interesting rainy day experience in nature and history, check out the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River. Visitors can experience firsthand the operation of two of the Nation’s largest hydroelectric powerhouses and watch migrating fish traveling upstream at the underwater viewing rooms next to the fish ladders.  Pretty neat to see some of those big guys swim through!

No matter what you end up doing on your rainy day, there is nothing better than coming back to Sakura Ridge, curling up by the fire and watching the seasons change.  Hope to see you soon!

A Month of Sunday’s – Part 2

13 Sep
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Last Sunday got our hearts pumping with a white water rafting trip on the White Salmon River. The White Salmon is a 44-mile tributary to the Columbia river that originates in the glaciers of Mt Adams on the Washington side of the Gorge.  In October of 2011, the Condit Dam on the lower section of river was removed to allow free flow from the headwaters to mouth. Parts of the river have been designated Wild and Scenic and it is easy to see why.

Sunday was a perfect day to be on the river, only 3 boats went out with our morning trip so we practically had the place to ourselves!  The White Salmon is a gorgeous river canyon, with steep, mossy walls, towering trees overhead and cold, clear water.

The trip we did was with Wet Planet Rafting. They have a private put-in and take-out on the river which gives you 2 more miles of rapids and an optional 20 ft cliff jump after BZ Falls.  Very refreshing!

We also went over Husum Falls, a rollarcoaster 10-ft drop that gets the blood pumping!  After the falls, a few more lazy rapids and we were back at the base. We were starving after all the excitement, so we headed just down the road to Big Man’s Rotisserie and enjoyed delicious Ugandan Chapati wraps fresh off the BBQ.  Before heading out back to Sakura Ridge, we stopped for a quick wine tasting session at AniChe Cellars on Underwood Mountain. Love these ladies and their wine!


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Who Says You Can’t Have Chocolate for Breakfast?

09 Aug
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A chocolate craving at 8 am sparked this creation: Chocolate Decadence Cake with Blackberry sauce and fresh Nectarines. Yum!!

Chocolate Decadence for Breakfast!

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For the love of peaches…

26 Jul
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The first peaches of summer have officially arrived! My granddaughters, Maja and Stella, visiting from Denmark, were the lucky recipients of some of the first ones off the tree.  They crafted the following “Peach Rules” while enjoying their juicy sweetness…

Peach Rules by Maja and Stella


Also for your peachy enjoyment, some peach tunes from John Prine to brighten your day!

A Trip to Fossil, OR

14 Jul
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Riding on the Ranch

This week we took a short break from farm life and headed East to spend a few days with family on a working ranch in Fossil, OR. If you’ve never been, it is definitely a trip to add to your list, it is like stepping back into the Old West.

We had so much fun digging for fossils, hiking, horseback riding and spending time with the grandkids. The highlight of the trip was definitely the horseback ride at Wilson Ranches Retreat. The scenery was spectacular!

The old jail car in Shaniko

We also checked out the Ghost town of Shaniko, an old sheep town that now caters to passerby’s with ice cream, gift shops and a taste of the Wild West.

A great trip, can’t wait to get back to the farm!

New lamb!

08 Jul
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The last of the spring lambs (we hope!) was born sometime last night. Thanks to our neighbor who spotted the new mamma and baby along the pasture fence while she was picking cherries, we were able to get them both safely back to the barn. 

Too cute!

Wine Passport Weekend

11 Apr
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Columbia Gorge Winegrowers are celebrating spring with wine tasting around the Hood RIver Valley and beyond.

Spend the night at Sakura Ridge and receive 2 passports free.

Wheat Grass Easter

08 Apr
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